Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I haven't updated lately. I was hoping for some good news regarding publication of Bride of the Golem, but haven't yet received it, though I am still optimistic. In the meantime, I had some very sad news, namely, that the Bride of Ginsburg has had enough of me and wants to divorce. So of late I've been preoccupied with figuring out what to do and where to go next--Haifa and Austin were my top choices--and packing up my library [oh if I only had it all on an e-reader!] and other belongings. So last Friday, against my will, I signed a Get (a Jewish bill of divorce) releasing a woman I still love very dearly from her marriage to me. I don't think I've ever NOT wanted anything so badly in my life. I've come back to Austin for the time being, though Haifa might still be a possibility. I have many pals and loved ones in Texas and they are easing the pain of losing my best friend. I suppose that sounds a bit harsh. We are splitting as amicably as possible, and she's been mostly kind and considerate during this process. Nonetheless, for over a decade and a half, she was my dance partner in crime, travelling companion and a million things more. Although at times I go to pieces about the split up, I am also very grateful to her for fifteen beautiful years. Back in the place I used to call home, things have been surprisingly good. In addition to seeing some of my favorite people, I've had breakfast tacos, several varieties of Shiner and Live Oak beer and Hyde Park fries. I heard an amazing jazz ensemble last night at The Elephant Room. I swam in Barton Springs Pool today--a few of the ladies were swimming and sunbathing topless, and boobs miraculously improve my mood. Tonight I am seeing one of my favorite bands, The Gourds. And soon, very soon, a publisher will say "you are hereby Holy to me with this contract according to the laws of copyright" to The Bride of the Golem. And we'll all dance a hora. GG