Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fictitious Book Blurbs

On Duotropes, a website which lists thousands of publishing opportunities, I saw a listing for a Potential Books Book, a book of abstracts for fictitious books. As I love parody and satire, I saw this as a wonderful opportunity. I wrote four of them. Here's one of them:

The Silence of the Trucks: Instrumentality and the Discourse of Hegemony in Israeli Cinema
Ella Shemer-Kronish

Having written about the representation of nearly every category of Other in Israeli cinema (Arabs, Ethiopians, Circassians, Armenians, Druze, gays, lesbians, occasional bisexuals, and transgendered Hassids), Shemer-Kronish here employs the same conceptual methodologies from critical theory and cultural studies to examine the shameful degradation of trucks. Pure vehicles for human pleasure and utility, trucks are denied their own voices and sympathy-inducing close-ups. Trucks, like the other Others are kept in the background while the filmic narrative foregrounds the colonizers, even ignoring their dialectical relations to their trucks which, as post-colonial theorist Homi Bhabha postulates, hybridize their thought and speech. A must-read for scholars of cinema, this book will also become part of the cultural studies anti-canon.

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