Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bride of the Golem Update

Following is a list of the stories I've accepted so far. I am awaiting rewrites from two people, which may or may not be included. When a publisher has picked up the project, we will solicit stories from a few other authors as well. In the meantime, Bride of the Golem will include these works:

Barry Rosenberg "Gershom's Golem"
Norman Rubin "Aunt Bessie and the It"
Sharon Diane King "Feast of the Laughing Cow"
Jim Meirose "Deni-al"
Melissa Yuan-Innes "WWWJD"
Liz Coley "Till Death Does His Part"
Aaron Simon "My Dog the Dybbuk"
Adina Rosenthal "Succubus-in-Law"
E. Mitchell "I Was a Teenage Yeshiva Boy Werewolf"
Eric Joel Bresin "Pig"
David Hendrickson "Floater"
Tonia Brown "Zombie Golem"
Mike DiChristina "Mr. Met"
Ken Liu "The MSG Golem"
David Naimon "Member"
Anna Taborska "Dirty Dybbuk"
A.B.S. Dudevant "The Gingerbread Golem"
Gio Clairval & Daniel Pasetti "Toytfogl"
Gus Ginsburg "By Way of Explanation"
G. Miki Hayden "The Cantor and the Ghost"

I received 211 submissions, of which about 35 were pretty good stories, in my opinion. Thanks to all who sent me their work.


  1. Woop! Proud to be aboard, Captain!

  2. Looks great! I wonder if Mike Resnick would accept a solicitation. Of course, he does a lot of his own anthologies, but there's no harm in asking. His name on the cover would carry a lot of weight. Some of his stories have a distinctly Jewish humorous/bittersweet flavor.